I had my work published in the "Best of Phoenix" issue of the Phoenix New Times. They are under the nightlife section if you can still find a copy! I uploaded the artwork under the illustration section, just in case.


The final trailer for a project I did matte work for was just released. George Streicher and his crew did an amazing job on this. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLGikqUSvN8

Also, there is some good news that the kickstarter for an anthology I have a short story in, "Nothing Can Stop Me Now: Stories Inspired by the Songs of Nine Inch Nails", was funded! It should be released this coming Novemeber.


This will be my first year as an invited guest at the Phoenix Comicon. I will be at booth 1707 selling copies of my 3 brand new books. I have issues #1 and #2 of “Strange Streets”, silent movie, noir-ish types of comics, as well as “Peony” a thriller story about a woman in trouble (in color!), written by Kara Uranga. Plus I’ll have new prints to sell as well as portfolio work.


My brand new self-published comic “Strange Streets” debuted at the ACME show last week but I will be really rolling out the carpet at Phoenix Comicon next month. I will have the first two issues for sale which you can preview on my blog, as well as the first issue of “Peony”, written by Kara Uranga. Strange Streets are bleak, single stories that take place in different corners of a city. Peony is about a woman in trouble. I’m very proud of both these books so swing by the booth and grab them on June 5th!


My short story has been submitted to the comic anthology "Nothing Can Stop Me Now:Stories Inspired by the Songs of Nine Inch Nails" from Spazdog Press. Look for it coming out in May!


I was just recently picked as the cover artist for the Kirby 4 Heroes Charity book by Jillian Kirby. It was done for the Hero Initiative and can be picked up locally here in Phoenix at Jesse James Comics. An article on the book can be found HERE.

Also, don't forget you can buy the comic series HEROIC written by Glen Curren and drawn by myself online HERE.

My online store is now open!